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Miami needs more wine bars, and Margot delivers approximately 100 natural brands. We’re talking about low-intervention wines, organic wines, and wines from small growers. Everything in the bright, bi-level wine bar is delicious. It’s a daunting menu, but there are plenty of enthusiastic somms on hand to assist you through your natural wine trip. On the other hand, the food selection is limited yet carefully curated to enhance your experience. Choose one of the cheeses and a crudo on the fly. Margot is the bright and airy wine bar by Bar Lab, the people behind Broken Shaker, the nationally famous cocktail bar. It is scheduled to open in 2020 as a pop-up at Nikki Beach before moving into its permanent location at the Ingraham Building in downtown Los Angeles in June 2021. Margot specialises in natural and low-intervention wine, with roughly 75 different bottles available and low-ABV drinks. Chef Jimmy Lebron (of 27 Restaurant) has designed a modest menu of wine-friendly snacks to accompany the wine. Upon entering, the colours, atmosphere, and interior are all welcoming. This bar is so aesthetically pleasing, and it has such a cosy, warm and welcoming vibe. Their menu has a selection of small bites and various wines and cocktails. One of the best things about Margot Natural Wine Bar is its availability. This bar is open throughout the week. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, it is open between 5 pm, and 12 am. The bar is available only on Friday and Saturday from 5 pm till 1 am.

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