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On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Maui. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


The island of Maui is perhaps the most popular travel destination in the world. It is the second-largest island amongst all of the Hawaiian islands. The diverse landscapes of this exotic destination make it ideal for so many different experiences. You can find mountains, volcanoes, and the sea all contributing to its natural beauty. But if you are solely looking for some active and fun nightlife, you will be thrilled by the options that Maui has to offer. Here is a look at the fantastic nightlife adventures that you can have at Maui.

When does the nightlife start in Maui?

Maui is not as active as some of the busiest cities around the world. However, Oahu is possibly the most active in the night scene. You can also expect some of the other spots to have the bars open a little later at night. However, Kauai often has bars closing in by 10 pm. The overall nightlife in Maui is usually more relaxed and laidback as compared to cities. You can expect tiki bars and restaurants to be thriving well into the night. However, liquor licenses are not valid beyond 2 am even for the most active bars, so there is a closing limit on the drinking.  

Best Bars in Maui

The best word to describe most of the Maui bar scene is beachy. You will find more tiki-style bars on the island than regular watering holes. And to be sure, you will prefer to have your drink with the scenic beach view than pushing into a closed bar. Although, that does not mean that you will not find any upscale lounges on the island. They are just lesser in number as compared to the many seaside hangouts. The triangle of Kihei is referred to as the Bar-Muda triangle, thanks to the hub of bars and clubs. You can also find classic watering holes here if you prefer the understated bras more than the swankier versions. Here are the trendiest bars that you need to try out when in Maui.

  • Down the hatch 
Down the hatch 

This bar is located right in the prime location of Front Street, Lahania. Suppose you ever ask for bar recommendations on the island; chances are someone will always recommend the alcoholic shaved ice from this bar. Also, they serve a pretty decent late-night platter of seafood. You can order the seafood feast up to midnight because the kitchen only serves up to that time. But the bar remains open until 2 am which is the maximum liquor license limit on the island.

  • Maui Brewing Company
Maui Brewing Company

Maui Brewing Company is more of a brand than a bar. It is the largest brewing organization in Hawaii and has central locations at Kihei and Kahana. You can find a list of beer from the brand on the mainland; however, some particular varieties of beers are only sold through the Maui breweries and pubs. 

  • Kahales 

This can be called the happiest bar on the island, mainly because it runs an unbelievable happy hour that runs close to 8 hours. From 10 am right up to 5:30 p.m.every day, you can find Kahales serving the happy hour menu. It is also one of the longest-running dive bars on the island of Maui. The Kihei bar is famous for its Lime Coronas ever since 1990.

  • South Shore Tiki Lounge 
South Shore Tiki Lounge 

Suppose you want to experience authentic Hawaiian tiki. In that case, you cannot go wrong with the ambiance or experience at the South Shore Tiki lounge. Everything about this bar screams the tropics. Even the entertainment booked for the bar is often local DJs looking to showcase their style. The bar can get crowded after 10 pm with the throbbing music pulling in more people, tourists, and local settlers coming in for an after-work Pau Hana. However, the lanai area is still kept relatively secluded and peaceful to help you continue to enjoy your Zen vacation vibes.

  • Dirty Monkey 
Dirty Monkey 

This one is an excellent option for die-hard sports fans. The bar offers acoustic sets and screenings of essential sports games, all while you enjoy the cocktails. It also provides a wide range of activities, including dancing, full-band live entertainment, or just playing shuffleboard with your friends in the bar. Not only this, but you can also experience some fantastic bar snacks on the menu that is specially created to complement the many cocktails and beers that are on offer. The bar serves from Thursdays to Saturdays and is open from 5 pm until 11 pm.

  • Cliff House – Champagne Hale
Cliff House - Champagne Hale

If you are looking for a fancier option to make an evening out of a bar date- this one is an unmatched winner! The Champagne Hale is a beautiful lounge and pop-up bar at the Cliff House in Montage Kapalua Bay. This lounge uniquely pairs world-class champagne with the stunning view of the Maui sunset at sea. You can find a wide range of offerings from Veuve’s Yellow Label to La Grande Dame and even Rich Rosé options. You can also take your pick from an innovative snack menu that includes bigeye tuna tartare, Kualoa oysters, burrata toast with pistachio pesto, and more. The bar is only open until 7 pm from Thursday to Sunday, so making a reservation is extremely important if you want to have that special date with chilled champagne at sunset.

  • Leilani’s on the beach
Leilani's on the beach

There is no way that you are in Maui and have not yet heard of Leilani’s on the beach. However, on the off chance that you have not yet heard of this fantastic spot, here is what you can expect. Breezy vibes check, part bar, and fantastic seafood grill with the most stunning views on the island. You can find Leilani’s located right on the prime location of Kaanapali beach on the island’s west shore.

Clubs in Maui

Do not expect to find a thriving club culture when in Maui. Most of the famous clubs on the island can often be subbing as a bar or a grill restaurant during the week. For example, the Dirty Monkey is more of a club haunt during the weekends because the live entertainment and local DJs take the house by storm. However, you will mostly find this bar with more Jenga matches than the club crowd during the week. Similarly, the Mulligans on the Blue is another Bar and restaurant that offers open-air live entertainment during the weekends. You can find anything ranging from bands, acoustic performances to live comedy shows hosted in this restaurant on the weekends. It is usually open from Tuesday to Saturday, Noon to 10 pm. Sundays, the restaurant starts at 2 pm and closes at 10 pm.

The live entertainment scene in Maui

The live entertainment in Maui is colored with the local flavor. You will find a lot of bars and grills hosting hula dancing almost every night. The Tiki Bar and Grill offers daily happy hours and lives music shows arranged every single night. You can find this restaurant at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. It has an outdoor bar located right on the beach. It is famous for its hula dancing shows that you can enjoy while chilling with your friends and family and a tropical drink in hand. If this laidback ambiance is not your style, you can head over to the Alaloa lounge. This is at the Kapalua Ritz Carlton, and yes, it is just as fancy as that brand name demands. They feature a live music show almost every night. Unfortunately, the lounge is only open from Thursdays to Mondays. Another fancy option that you cannot miss is the live hula performance every evening at 5:30 pm at the Lobby Lounge. This one is located at the Wailea Four Seasons Resort.

Nightlife events that you cannot miss in Maui

Nightlife in Maui is not just about restaurants and clubs. You will find a more thriving night scene within the art world on the island. 

  • Friday Art Nights 
Friday Art Nights 

If you visit Maui even for the weekend, make sure you reach Friday evening to enjoy the amazing Friday Art Night in West Maui. Lahaina in Maui is an ancient beachfront town that lights up on Fridays with gallery exhibits, art-related activities, and live music. Of course, you will also find food vendors and wine sellers right on the beach. But, if you are looking to soak up the Maui culture and experience live art demonstrations on the beach, this Friday night adventure is the right spot. It offers an all-in-one package. The night scene thrives from 7 pm to 10 pm every Friday on the Lahaina wharf.

  • Book a sunset cruise 
Book a sunset cruise 

This unique experience is so far removed from the fast-paced city nightlife that you usually experience. Suppose you are in Maui for a couple of days. Set aside a night to enjoy a themed cruise at sunset with your partner or family. These cruises offer drinks and even dining choices. You can cruise along whale watching while relaxing with a glass of wine. It is a total game-changer in the way that you have experienced nightlife so far. 

  • Shopping and unwinding at Paia Town 

This bohemian town is the shopping paradise of Maui. You can find some exceptional local crafts and souvenirs by just taking a sunset stroll along with Paia town. Then, when the sun sets, you can chill at any of the low-key bars and lounges in the city to chill and unwind at a relaxed pace.

  • Stargazing at Haleakala Summit

This one is again a gem of a nightlife experience that you absolutely can not miss. So take a step back from all of the dancing and cocktails to enjoy a stargazing tour at Maui. Imagine spending the time watching the stars and a stunning night view of the island with your partner – can it get more romantic than that? These tours often start at sunset and can continue till 10 – 11 pm. Do not worry, though, because they offer winter jackets for hire, and you can also rent snowboard pants for warmth on tour. The Haleakala Summit provides a stunningly clear view of the star clusters that you cannot even imagine in a city. The stargazing tours offer high-tech telescopes and trained guides for you to check out nebulae and discover constellations and faraway star clusters. 

  • Enjoy a Friday Town Party 

If you want to soak in authentic Maui local life, do not miss the nightlife adventure of Friday town parties on the island. This is unique in Maui. Every Friday, Maui county has amazing block parties. These parties are hosted in different towns. So you can experience the culture of Maui through the color of each of these towns. There is live music, and local vendors sell food and souvenirs crafted within the city. If you are traveling with pets or family, this is the ultimate nightlife experience that you can all enjoy together. Just ask your hotel which town is hosting the Friday block party on the weekend in Maui. Then, you can drive down to experience the local scene in all its liveliness.

  • The Luau at Maui 

You cannot escape Maui without having attended a single Luau. If not a new one each night. Suppose you have not yet participated in a Luau by chance, head on over to the Old Lahaina Luau. This is at one of the prime locations within the island, and it offers a more family-friendly option to enjoy it together with everyone on your trip. This is also one of the most authentic luaus that are hosted locally. However, if you are looking for a fancier luau option to enjoy with your partner, you should try the Feast at Lele, at Front Street. Not only do they host a fantastic luau, but they also serve five dinner courses individually inspired by the Samoan, Hawaiian, and Tahitian cuisines. A date that you will remember for ages!


Maui is one of the most exotic travel destinations that has something to offer every taste. The Maui nightlife is vibrant, like the local ambiance, but it does not go beyond 2 am. You can find local buses for many of the critical locations. Still, they do not cover the entire island, so if you are traveling to a town within Maui County, always enquire whether the bus route covers it. Rideshare or rental car services might be a little late, but it depends on where you are on the island when booking a ride. Drinking on the beach is still a fined offense and can cost you up to $300, so do not take that chance. The island is otherwise pretty safe for visitors, even during the nighttime. But, remain cautious, especially if you are traveling alone through the busier nightlife venues.

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What part of Maui has the best nightlife?

Kaanapali and Lahaina are two areas that come alive at night, as bars and restaurants usually stay open til 10 or 11 p.m. Maui doesn’t offer a crazy nightlife experience, so don’t expect wild clubs or parties—the early morning snorkeling wears everyone out!

Is Maui fun for singles?

Maui is the best island for singles who want a beach vacation plus activities. Oahu is the best Hawaiian island for singles who are looking for nightlife. Kauai is the best island for singles who are looking for adventure. Molokini is best for anyone who wants to be alone in warm weather.

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