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With a full-service bar, eclectic food experience, and a patio with live music to dance to and have a wonderful evening, MBP is where you should go. MBP, short for moods, beats, and potions, is true to its name. Mathew and Priya Burkett wanted to create a comfortable place for date nights and to unwind post work. It brings in a new vibe to the black neighborhood, and you can be the one hosting a fun party. The experience here brings the community together. A space to bring harmony amongst everyone, MBP offers food and drinks at the most affordable prices you can find. The place highlights African American culture through its space and the food it provides. They want you to grab a drink, chill at the bar, or maybe grab a bite to eat in the dining area and then end up at the patio with your friends and loved ones to groove to the catchy tunes. This venture makes people explore the community and space even more as the place has lots of local businesses that you would love! The design concept is to make more new and fun gathering spots for the people and to show the strength of the African American community.

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