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McSorley’s Old Ale House New York, Guide & Review

The spot is old school, 1850s style. Sawdust on the floor. History buffs dream, and you can read it all on the walls and taste it in the bar. Light or dark is your beer choice. They taste historic and are served near room temperature. The bar offers an excellent view of local people

At McSorley’s Old Ale House Bar there are friendly and attentive servers and bartenders, amazing decor, stylish interior, comfy seatings, food is a pretty good, a hip and relaxed atmosphere, and lots of vintages, tasty and strong drinks, fun-filled crowd, and state-of-art lighting and sound system. 

You will meet some fellow travelers, sit at a big table and invite some to sit with you. Service is super attentive from both the servers and bartenders. The place is generally very unique, with lots of wood and very old. Both dark and light beers are very good. 

Really great place and has a lovely feel it. The service is incredibly efficient, and the atmosphere is very conducive to relaxing conversation. Delicious beer, wonderful old stories, photographs, sawdust on the floor, and a great place to take a break and soak it in. What a terrific, unique, and historic experience at McSorley’s Old Ale House bar. A must-see if you are interested in NYC Irish history. Truly a unique experience. McSorley’s is a fun, historic alehouse that serves only beer. The place is definitely fun and timeless.

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