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Meat Mitch Kansas City, Guide & Review

Meat Mitch is a great place to catch up with your favorite game in Kansas City. After years of honing his craft on the competitive BBQ circuit, Mitch and his smoking posse created their own unique blend of spices, while respectively representing the BBQ capital of the world, Kansas City.

What followed was a mix of critically acclaimed BBQ sauces and rubs that have taken the nation by storm. Meat Mitch features great ambiance; friendly, attentive and professional bartenders; awesome outdoor seating; great relaxed atmosphere; great shady patio; delicious food; good happy hour; excellent service; lots of TV’s to catch up with your favorite game; and great selection of sauces. 

Meat Mitch is a neat and classy place to dine. Worth trying for an amazing and unforgettable experience in Kansas City.

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