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Mercury Bar Omaha, Guide & Review

Mercury is one of Omaha‘s most unique and different bars for reasons we will discuss later. The staff over at Mercury is very friendly, and they will help you pick your favorite cocktail from a plethora of craft cocktails and drinks. These people know their art, and hence it is a delight to get your cocktail made. This place is known for its diverse menu, not only for the drinks but also for the food. Everything is made fresh, and the ingredients are used locally. This place offers a cozy vibe and relaxed atmosphere while working till late hours; hence it has been the go-to bar for people living nearby who stay up late.
The wine menu attracts the locals to this place; however, we shall discuss it later. First, we will talk about how it makes up the mood and makes you feel relaxed. This place does not have fancy artworks or murals to make up the vibe. However, they provide a hot and home-like vibe to the patrons. The staff is very friendly, and the seating space is ample. Hence you can enjoy it without feeling claustrophobic. The crowd here is nice, so you do not need to worry about mixing with the wrong crowd either. Overall, this is a great cozy bar. Moreover, the people over at Mercury know the importance of music, so they play the 80’s yacht rock music to complete the experience and make it even better. You can also host parties here if you are in the mood!
Moreover, this place is serious regarding business, which can be determined by the fact that they have an ice machine that is very rare in the area. They use it to make rice balls for special cocktails and other drinks. Also, know that there are different aspects to a drink, such as the type of cocktail container to use, the type of ice, and the shape of the ice, among other things. Having this icebox, you can see how this bar gives attention to detail in every one of their craft cocktails.

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