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Met Him At A Bar Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Welcome to Meet Him At A Bar. Established in 2017, Met Her At a Bar is your hip little neighborhood cafe. They’re right across the street from their sister restaurant, Meet Her At A Bar, and they’re thrilled to be your hip little neighborhood pasta bar. They’re serving up homemade dishes from deep in the family recipe book, mixing classic cocktails with a twist, and pouring generously from their carefully curated Italian wine list. They operates Monday through Friday from 8am to 3pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm. The location is beautiful with nice tables next to a fully stocked bar. 

Meet Him At A Bar features cool chill ambiance, good delicious drinks, awesome delicious food, great service, friendly & attentive servers, great happy hour, awesome crowd – everyone you interact with is so nice and attentive, laid-back vibe, pretty and amazing indoor and outdoor seating, casual & sweet atmosphere, great brunch, and delicious handcrafted cocktails. If you want a small and intimate dinner spot that has friendly and bright (literally and figuratively) vibes – this is the place for you. Meet Him At A Bar has some of the best pasta. The starters are delicious. The truffle oil garlic toast is crunchy and aromatic. The roasted brussel sprouts are crispy and crunchy. All of their pastas are made fresh in house daily. The pasta carbonara is loaded with pancetta and topped with a fresh egg. All of these combine into a delightful dining experience that is worth the trip.

Meeting Him At a Bar is an amazing culinary experience. If also you’re looking to take a quick mental vacation over a pretty solid bowl of pasta, Meet Him At the Bar is definitely worth a try. Highly recommended checking out for an amazing experience.

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