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At Meta, craft cocktails, beer, sake & house sodas are served in an upscale speakeasy setting with vintage decor. When Downtown, this is the place to go for a refined cocktail. Meta is smart yet not arrogant, aristocratic but not exclusive. Cocktail enthusiasts, from specialists to casual drinkers, are welcome here. While the designer decor, velour sofas, and unusual, penny-lined flooring (you’ll get it when you see it) are incentive enough to congregate with friends at Meta, their cocktails will not disappoint. While traditional and handmade cocktails, frequently made with local spirits, are the lure, there’s also plenty of fun. This bar is used to make Jell-O shots with Pappy Van Winkle bourbon. 

Meta Bar is an effortlessly hip and raucous small spot for drinking and dancing, famous for producing Jell-O shots out of rare, cult favorite Pappy Van Winkle whisky, which retails for roughly $249 per bottle. Meta is housed within the four walls of a former strip club but has been transformed into an elegant cocktail lounge featuring unusual events such as Wu-Tang Wednesdays. At the Carrara marble bar, order the renowned High Pant (Old Fitzgerald, Fernet, ginger, bitters, orange). Meta is a local favorite for its stunning, well-made drinks. Their menu includes a variety of traditional cocktails that you will surely like, but don’t overlook the contemporary twists, which are just fantastic! 

Order the drink “Byrrh Me.” Meta is a fascinating world of opposites, with a marble-barred, copper-penny-floored temple of fancy drinking nestled next to a strip club. But it’s not only confidence and balls that make Meta the most excellent darn cocktail bar in a city where artisan cocktails were popular long before they were trendy. The signatures are all traditional but with a kick in the knickers. Consider The High Pant, which combines some Old Fitzgerald with fernet and ginger to create an entirely new Old Fashioned. And, with drinks this amazing, the strip joint next door is becoming less obscene by the sip. So, this is one of the best bars Louisville has to offer you! If you are in the city, we highly recommend you visit the venue at least once! Go with your family, friends, and loved ones for a fun and memorable time. 

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