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Located in downtown San Jose, Mezcal boasts one of San Jose’s most distinctive dining areas. The exterior of the bricks, the metalwork, and the unique Mexican motifs set the restaurant apart from its neighbors. The design has an urban luxury, but the menu is not wasted. Mezcal proudly serves authentic regional Oaxacan cuisine using family recipes passed down from previous generations. Oaxacan cuisine is one of Mexico’s most famous and complex dishes. Adolfogomes, the owner of Mezcal and from Oaxaca, moved from Oaxaca, Mexico, to San Jose  20 years ago. Gomes was the Operations Manager for the Silicon Valley Capital Club Restaurant for ten years, helping to open Mezcal for five years. Gomez’s vision of a Mezcal restaurant, longing for Oaxacan cuisine, and the taste of his hometown are vital. He realized it in November 2008. It was named one of the “Best New Restaurants of 2009” by Metro Newspaper. Bringing the rich flavors of Oaxaca to San Jose, Mezcal Restaurant specializes in three Oaxaca moles (sources): Estofad, Coloradoito and Mole Negro. All family recipes are passed down from generation to generation. The warm, bare brick dining room or patio serves traditional Oaxacan cuisine and Mezcal. They take reservations at this bar. So, if you wish to book a table or a spot, then feel free to connect with the venue page. They offer delivery services and takeout service as well. So, you can take out or order your favorite meal and drink from Mezcal easily! Masks are required to enter this bar because of the covid pandemic. The staff wears masks for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons. The food menu at Mezcal has vegan options available for their vegan patrons. Infact, their vegan options are extensive. So, if you are vegan and are looking for a great place to eat, drink and have fun, then Mezcal is the place!

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