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Midnight Sun San Francisco, Guide & Review

Opened February 12 1971, Midnight Sun is the nation’s premier LGBTQIA + Video bar located in the heart of the Castro. A mixed crowd of bears and sexy guys in tight tees can’t get enough of this black-box video bar, cueing up nightly for happy hour two-for-one drinks until 9pm. After dark, regular events include 1 Up gaming night on Tuesdays, Wednesday night karaoke, and bar-dancing-go-go-boys on Friday and Saturday nights keep the crowd in excellent spirits.

Midnight Sun operates Monday through Friday 2:00 pm – 2:00 am, and Saturday & Sunday 1:00 pm – 2:00 am. Midnight Sun features great prices; friendly people; super fun Wednesday night karaoke; great pours; great vibe; awesome outdoor dining; and good music. Fantastic new sound system and big screen HD video bar/pub. Excellent variety of solid cocktails and good selection of beers domestic and imported. 

One of the oldest bars in the Castro, Midnight Sun is what they used to call a “video bar,” and it is still known as a comfortable place where music videos and occasional SNL clips are played on the multiple screens circling the room. The place is big with the bear community, who descend in droves for Friday happy hour, and happy hour is generally pretty busy here with two-for-one drinks served until 9 p.m., and go-go boys on the bar on Fridays. Mondays are for drag, with a party hosted by Mercedes Munro. Timeline Tuesdays bring all sorts of throwback music and two-for-one drinks

This place is so much fun! Worth checking it out for an amazing experience in San Francisco.

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