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Milano’s Bar New York, Guide & Review

If you’re looking for fun and authenticity, check out Milano’s Dive bar. This place is the definition of a dive bar and if you’re looking for something that’s not a dive bar, go somewhere else. As soon as you walk in you are at the bar and the overall place is about as narrow as an alleyway. 

Milano’s Bar features a laid back atmosphere, a variety of tasty drinks and food that are reasonable prices, a nice crowd, friendly and attentive bartenders, great live music, cold beer, decent prices, the vibe is pretty cool, state-of-art lighting and sound system, decent bathrooms, and excellent taste in their ambiance as well as music selection. In the back are a jukebox and slightly more standing room place. 

Overall there’s a great experience at Milano’s Bar. Happy hour all day every day and a wide variety. Milano’s Bar is open on Monday & Tuesday from 10 am – to 4 am, Wednesday & Thursday from 9 am – to 4 am. Friday 10 am – 4 am, Saturday 9 am – 4 pm, and Sunday 12 pm – 4 am. 

Great place to hang out with friends and you’ll definitely have a lifetime experience. If you’re walking by and want to grab a drink this place will do! Drink up and be merry! Great little escape from the heat of the day with a live band playing and a pint. Ultimately Milano’s Bar is the best dive bar in the city, with great ambiance and awesome bartenders. Absolutely brilliant place to chill and some amazing hospitality from the staff. Milano’s is the exact type of bar you picture when you think of New York City – just a cool, fun place with a great beer selection. What a typical dive bar that has closely placed stools allowing you to chat up with strangers. Everyone here seems to have a lot of fun-filled time and there’s a good mix of locals and newcomers.

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