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Milky Way Cocktail Bars innovative cocktails are the draw at this trendy haunt with colorful lighting & stylish furnishings. Head up the twinkling staircase to Milky Way, a kooky cocktail bar from the Baroque group (Barroco, Foiegwa, Atwater Cocktail Club, Super Loco) within its pizzeria Fugazzi. A vaulted glass ceiling is surrounded by hanging plants, a polished marble bar, and glass brick walls glow neon by night. Drinks are complex but deliciously drinkable, and the menu thoughtfully notes each cocktail’s ABV. The tropical Bon Pour le Moral (Good for the Spirit) mixes coconut vodka with blue curaçao, elderflower liqueur, dark rum, orange, pineapple, lemon, and vanilla. At the same time, the boozier Island in the Sun blends gin, Rhum Agricole, absinthe, lemon, grapefruit, hibiscus, and pine. 

The Milky Way already turned heads for Canada’s Best Bars in 2020, and they kept them turning all summer long when all we wanted was refreshing drinks in a refreshing setting. The décor is fun and funky, and the mixology is fun and funky, keeping things equal parts familiar and funky. They keep changing their menu constantly, so there’s always something new to keep you coming back for more, but even glancing at their menu reveals a fountain of creativity at work. Nicely cooked pizza and tasty pasta are the tastiest dishes. At this bar, visitors may have good parfait. It is nice to enjoy delicious whiskey. The homely atmosphere of Milky Way Cocktail Bar allows guests to relax after a hard-working day. Most patrons share that the staff is energetic. 

The excellent service portrays a high level of quality at this place. Many people share that prices are average for what you receive. Go to this spot for the unique decor. You might not expect much to pass by the brick building with Fugazzi Pizza in Pointe Saint-Charles. However, if you make your way up the Milky Way Cocktail Bars fluorescent blacklight-splattered stairwell, you’ll feel as if you are sent to a different galaxy — the ideal spot to have a date if you wish to escape the winter blues. Its delicious pizza menu, neon lights, intergalactic jungle vibes, and unique drink options are no surprise. The drinks are visually appealing and tasty, with cups shaped like birds, swans, Easter Island Moai statues, and more. Milky Way offers a full menu of Fugazzis pizza, homemade pasta, and other modern Italian sides.

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