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Min Sok Chon San Diego, Guide & Review

Private Karaoke Rooms ring the main dining room of this Convoy eatery, which is decked out to resemble a traditional Korean Village. Clever cocktails and classic Korean dishes served in a snazzy dining room or in private Karaoke rooms. It’s a great place to throw a karaoke party. 

Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday from 5pm to 2am, and Friday to Saturday from 5pm to 3am. At Min Sok Chon you’ll find clever cocktails, delicious food, awesome vibe, great fun atmosphere, great music – Karaoke music, amazing happy hour, pretty awesome atmosphere, beautiful ambiance, comfortable outdoor seating, plenty of tables for groups, courteous & welcoming owner, extra good vibes, top-notch security, very kind & friendly owner, great drinks, and excellent service. Fantastic happy hour special. Great sit down group drinking parlour with the best Korean beer snacks in San Diego.

What a fun place to go in San Diego. Nice place to hang out with friends and lovers. Highly recommended if you want to chill with good food. This place is sooooooo good! Cool spot! Nice place to hang out with your friends and lovers. 10 out of 10 would recommend going here if you are looking to have a good time.

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