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MiniBoss is an arcade bar in Downtown San Jose. Are you looking for ways to revive your inner kid? We suggest the retro glory of MiniBoss and its slew of vintage arcade games. Opt for the pinball machines (Deadpool, Star Wars, and Stranger Things among their many themes) or beeline for the old-school joystick games with their nostalgically pixelated graphics. Between bouts of Miss Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, make sure to glance up and appreciate the bar’s glowing Tetris wall and gamer murals. Fully embrace the playfulness of this place by ordering the Ziggy Piggy, a zany beverage served in a big mug with a tiny pink balloon. Note: If MiniBoss tickles your fancy, also be sure to check out LVL UP in Campbell. It is an ample industrial space with a selection of American bar food, vintage arcade games & cocktails. Bring all your friends and gangsters! They have open bar seats and many tables available throughout our space. Over 30 arcade cabinets and 12 fully functional pinball machines are scattered everywhere. MiniBoss features artwork by locals in San Jose specially tailored to our theme, but it also provides an excellent background for social media. If you want to add stir-fry and other delicate bar dishes to your drink, the kitchen team is always trying to serve fresh and delicious food. Proof of vaccination is required if you wish to visit this bar. All the staff at MiniBoss are fully vaccinated. The staff wears masks for their own safety for the safety of the patrons. They accept credit cards as a form of payment. This is a loud bar with a lot of gaming going on. You can dress casually as you see fit. It is a great place for groups to drink and have fun! There is street parking available at the scene.

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