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Welcome to Minneapolis’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Minneapolis. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Looking for a diverse, cutting-edge, and heavenly music scene in the heart of Minnesota? Then Minneapolis is the answer. If you are into music and party, this city booms with many independent clubs, breweries, bars, theatres, and restaurants filled with excellent shows, giving you a full nightlife experience. Check out our complete night guide on Minneapolis.

A bit of Minneapolis

A bit of Minneapolis

Minneapolis is one of the twin cities of Minnesota. The total population of the city is approximately 422,331 and lies opposite St. Paul. Located on the Minnesota River, Minneapolis has abundant lakes and wetlands and is worldwide famous for its timber production and flour milling. So if shopping, dining is your thing, then Minneapolis is the one place to go. So tagged as the City of Lakes, there is something or the other that the city offers to every visitor.

Nightlife at Minneapolis

One cannot sum up the night scene of Minneapolis in one or two sentences. It’s a unique feeling that needs complete honesty in words. Visitors to Minneapolis look forwards to an electric nightlife that is high in energy and good vibe. They relax in some of the finest taprooms and sip the finest drinks in the neighborhoods. If Minneapolis should be defined in one word for its fantastic nightlife scene, it will be GREAT! 

Best bars in Minneapolis

The Pourhouse Uptown

The Pourhouse Uptown

It is a perfect spot for exciting cocktails and food. Monday through Friday, this Prohibition-themed bar offers one kind of American-style lunch and bar bites. The bar proudly boosts its 25-foot high-quality projection screen, making it the best place for a gathering to watch sports/games in this city. 

For individuals wanting VIP Bottle Service, one need not wait in line and reserve a table in advance. Our favorite pick from the bar is their endless options for appetizers. Candied Pork Belly, Nachos, Chips and Dips, Fried Mozzarella, and much more would make you want to come here for more. 

Location: 2923 Girard Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

Phone: +1 612-886-1213

Website: https://thepourhousempls.com/ 

La Doña Cervecería

La Doña Cervecería

This brewery reflects the Latin experience in Minnesota and promotes access to craft beer. The bar lets every visitor celebrate the length and breadth of Latin culture in the very heart of Minnesota. 

Not just this, their operational brewery and other event center are here for a noble cause. They voice their privileges to support many environmental, social, and economic issues. This means that this brewery is for a reason. 

Location: 241 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55405, United States

Phone: +1 612-315-4613

Website: https://dameladona.com/ 

Up-Down Minneapolis

Up-Down Minneapolis

This is an arcade games bar that gives you a straight 80s, and 90s feel. With over 50 arcade games such as pinballs, Nintendo 64 console gaming, and others, this is the best bar in town to have some fun. 

This is the place that makes you revisit your fond childhood memories. The beer and food options are excellent, and with a great staff, there is no way one should not visit this place when in the neighborhood.

Address: 3012 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408, United States

Phone: +1 612-823-3487

Website: http://www.updownarcadebar.com/minneapolis/ 

Bar Fly

Bar Fly

If you are looking for unique cocktails, DJ night, and a dance floor straight out of Hollywood, then Bar Fly is perfect. The bar has been recently renovated and can now accommodate over 2500 party lovers at one time. 

In addition, bar Fly hosts special events, party functions, live performances regularly. As a result, the beautiful bar is the focal point of all-night enthusiasts in Minneapolis, holding a fantastic evening that is perfect right for you. 

Address: 711 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403, United States

Phone: +1 612-333-6100

Website: http://barflyminneapolis.com/ 

Salsa Police at Gray’s Dinkytown

Salsa Police at Gray's Dinkytown

This Latin nightclub flies in from 9 PM to 2 AM every Saturday night to transform this town into a Latin dance club you’ve always wanted to visit. Salsa focuses on Friday, but Saturday’s DJ offers Latin fusion, reggaeton, and much more. 

Dinkytown is a restaurant that honours continue to serve the Minnesota community with a long-held tradition of hosting multiple fast food and coffee options during the weekday. 

Location: 327 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States

Phone: +1 612-378-4849

Website: https://graysdinkytown.com/ 

Best Brewery to Visit in Minneapolis at Night

The establishment of Taproom crawls progressively, garnering many amazing experiences for both visitors and locals. Loitering around one brewery to the other is just one of the finest pass times here at Minneapolis. 

It not just gives an amazing time but also encourages everyone to form outstanding bonds with the community. Without over 70 taprooms in the vicinity, let us have a look at our favorites.

GreenLine Brewery District

GreenLine Brewery District

For beer-loving Minnesotans, the Green Line Brewery District is its very own tailored-made adult beverage walk. Established in 2014, the brewery is established alongside Metro Green Line, Prospect Park, and Midway. 

Here at this belt, one can find some of the city’s finest independent breweries offering excellent beers and gourmet bar food. In addition, customers revisit the District to try some of their famous bar bites such as Ground Beef Quesadilla, Grilled Chicken Tacos. And Black Bean Bowl.

Location: University Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA

Website: https://www.greenlinebrews.com/ 

The Freehouse

The Freehouse

This is an upscale brewpub that is established with ultra-modern decor and table seatings. Here millennials, friends, business colleagues, family hang out during happy hours. There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong with this brewery. 

Freehouse Craft Beer is their signature beer offered. Their best item to eat is from Fried Chicken Stack’s breakfast menu – fried chicken breast smothered in rich sausage gravy. If you are looking for anything between breakfast to beer, then this is the perfect place.

Location: 701 N Washington Ave #101, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Website: https://www.freehousempls.com/ 

Fulton Beer

Fulton Beer

Founded in the year 2009, FB offers a large collection of beers comparing to many Wisconsin breweries. Their main objective was to build an authentic Minneapolis brewery which they have successfully established. 

If you are into rich, darker, and stronger beer, you should try a beer called Proper Porter. It is rich and roast at the same time. Fulton Beer has a vintage food truck that offers simple yet delicious local dishes if you are into midwestern food with beer. 

Location: 414 N 6th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States

Website: https://www.fultonbeer.com/ 

Major Events in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has activities for everybody. Let us find out some of the fun-filled events that happen through the calendar.

  • January – Twins Fest
  • February – City of Lakes Loppet
  • April – International Film Festival
  • May- May Day Parade
  • June – Twin Cities Hot Summer Jazz Festival
  • July – Art Car Parade
  • August – Minnesota Fringe Festival
  • October – Twin Cities Marathon
  • November – Art Attack
  • December – Holidazzle Parade

What times does the nightlife peak in Minneapolis?

Amongst the beautiful city trails and world-class museums, Minneapolis is the home ground for vibrant nightlife. Exceptionally known as a party-hard city, the nightlife here starts at dusk. This beautiful city welcomes incredible nightlife with its ever-energetic pubs and clubs. 

With a good infrastructure for social life, Minneapolis is well managed to become the largest outdoor activity ground in Minnesota. Additionally, the city’s overall safety and low crime rate make it very safe for visitors to be carefree in concentrating on their leisure. The pubs, clubs, bars, and dance bars are usually open throughout the day. However, these same spots turn into an everyday gala with extravagant decors and lighting to please the partying crowd.

Best Neighbourhood to be at night in Minneapolis

Uptown Minneapolis

Minneapolis residents enjoy a night out in Uptown, whether it’s getting a drink at the bar or enjoying the nightlife. There are also many restaurants and bars in this Neighbourhood, and there are nightly screenings of cult classic movies at the Uptown Theater. 

Downtown Minneapolis

Whether you’re looking for a loud club or a quiet one, Downtown Minneapolis has got you covered. The epicenter of the city’s nightlife offers some of the craziest bars and cocktail lounges.

Northeast Minneapolis

A highly diverse and sprawling neighborhood, this is one place that gives you a very urban feel. The micro-distilleries and breweries give everyone a very old-fashioned charm. Northeast is truly a great place for anyone to truly wishes to seek the vibrancy of Minneapolis/

Things to eat at Minneapolis at Night

When you talk about food and beer here in Minneapolis, it is all about comfort food. While the head pounds with the alcohol kick, the fragile stomach craves comfort food. In Minneapolis, many people choose to spend their nighttime with a copious amount of drinks and food. 

Since it is their part of the culture, comfort food has become their specialty. Flavors are influenced by the city’s multicultural ethnicities that offer homegrown meals, delicious and outrageously satisfying.

Here are some of the best late-night comfort food; one can try when in Minneapolis.


This is the most sought-after Pescatarians dish. Walleye is a traditional dish of Minneapolis as it’s found in the local lakes and rivers.

Cheese Curds

America is all about cheese. However, here cheese curds are a staple appetizer and a significant and essential dish for the local community. The best way to eat cheese curd is with berry ketchup and cold beer.

Juicy Lucy

Probably one of the most commonly consumed late-night dishes, a Juicy Lucy is a rich cheese-stuff burger that swings the town with nothing but flavors. The late-night takeout open their stalls to offer some of the best Juicy Lucy for those who wish to indulge in something greasy and fatty. 

Frequently Asked Question

Does Minneapolis have good nightlife?

Minneapolis has one of the best city life experiences when it comes to the party scene. The hub of Blues and Jazz clubs is popular for giving their customers the best experience ever. 

Is Minneapolis a party town?

Of course! With hundreds of options on breweries, restaurants, clubs, dance clubs, and others, Minneapolis has managed to own itself as the party town over the decade. Every Neighbourhood in this city has its specialty to offer. So be it dance or drinks –the city has you covered.

Which is the most unsafe Neighbourhood in Minneapolis at night?

According to the official reports, the locals always recommend avoiding Folwell, Hawthrone, Midtown Philips, and Ventura Village at night. 

Is Minneapolis known for night music?

Music makes everybody relaxed and what better time to relax after a heavy day at work. So music plays a major role in this beautiful city. Presently music has shaped its history and given the world some of the greatest musicians like Bob Dylan and Prince. Therefore the city is known for night music.

What is there to do on a Saturday night in Minneapolis?

One can easily opt to hit any dance club that offers a complete cultural experience. Beer lovers can take a stroll around many breweries and relish the fantastic selections of bar bits. Apart from all this one could walk around the city and enjoy the weekend amongst the wilderness of the beautiful cityscape.

How is downtown Minneapolis?

Downtown Minneapolis is the ultimate combination of good food and history, showcasing the perfect midwestern charm the city offers. In addition, one can take great advantage of its all-year-round uber nightlife activities, thus making it one of the best Neighbourhoods to be at night.


Yes, Minneapolis is the perfect hotspot for all nightlife lovers. And why not? The city colors itself with the most delightful culture and energy that makes it an inviting environment for anyone. There’s a reason this Minnesota city is very friendly because it is just a Minneapolis way to ensure everyone finds nothing but the best of the city, be it during day or night. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

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