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MixCo is one of the best places for those specialty cocktails in Tulsa. As a hardcore bar, this place is known for its craft cocktails and an electric bar scene. The neon signs, the lights, and the ambiance resemble a very old-school bar scene of the 2010s. Moreover, the place offers a lot of diversity as well. When It comes down the menu, you will find almost everything here on the menu. This place is perfect for meeting your coworkers after work or joining your friends for a party. The vibe and the ambiance will instantly create a sense of relaxation and party!
This place has various design cues that distinguish it from the other bars on this list! This bar is located in one of the most historic buildings in Tulsa, which is over a century old, and hence that adds to the utterly unique angle of the bar. Moreover, the modern-day bar has been revamped countless times, and hence it keeps up to date with the latest design trends, including terrazzo floors and fantastic outdoor patios for those parties as well. For a bar to be popular among the patrons, it needs to be functional, and that is precisely what MixCo is. With some of the most comfortable seating options, this bar has it all. The kitchen opens until late. Hence you can always count on this bar to grab a quick bite before heading home during the late hours.
There are six specialty cocktails on the menu over at MixCo. These cocktails are set at $12, which is not too much or too less. The cocktails are Basic Bitch, Bond Girl, Andonis, Black Francis, Bourbon Peach Mash, and Juliet & Romeo. Juliet & Romeo is a cocktail we would really urge you to try; it has elements of gin, lime, unique homemade syrups, cucumber, and rose water, among others!

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