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Model Café Boston, Guide & Review

Model Cafe features the most chill vibes, a great crowd, friendly staff with an amazing service, and diverse drinks that are awesome vibes.

Amazing dive bar and a great spot to bring a friend who likes hanging out. The line on weekend nights gets long, so get there early. The model cafe is a family-owned joint having vintage fittings and unpretentious service. Model Cafe has a no-frills kind of place, but attractive, and with reasonably priced hooch that doesn’t try.

Model Cafe features a fantastic & lively crowd, lots of TV,  good live sports, and great ambiance, a great laid-back vibe, a great crowd, delicious food from bar pizza to hot dogs, fantastic pool tables, a friendly staff, and a great place to come for lunch, dinner, or happy hour. This place is amazing! Model Cafe hosts awesome musicians and artists for concerts that enable customers to enjoy while sucking back tasty strong drinks and very cheap beers. There are plenty of tables to sit and chill with your friends, and places to throw down your drink while talking with your hands. The jukebox rocks. What an amazing fantastic bar in Boston!

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