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The Monk bar is one of Sheffield’s finest cocktail bars on Ecclesall road. The place is rustic yet polished. It runs lengthwise, so as soon as you step in, you see the bar on your right and tables to your left. The bar itself has a brick wall behind its shelf of bottles that have various colorful concoctions displayed on them. It gives off the feel of a chemist’s lab where he brews new drinks and experiments with flavors. There’s no sitting at the bar itself; you can grab a seat at one of the tables. The back of the room has a neon sign that says ‘courtyard’ and an arrow that points outside. Lights hang from the ceiling, creating a soft glow on each table.
With over 20 cocktail mixes to choose from, you’re no short of options here. Their signature drinks are a must-try, though. They have classics, originals, mocktails, bubbles, and wine. They have fun quirky names given to their drinks, like the ‘Beast of Bakewell’ with Kraken, Cherry, Frangelico, Orgeat, Lemon, and Cranberry or ‘The Living Dead’, which has a six rum homemade punch mix. Pineapple, and OJ. Their take on the ‘Pornstar Martini’ is a big hit among all the customers. Try it out if you want to play safe with a hint of experimentation.
If you like a good glass of wine, try out the ones they have. Red, white or rose, your choice. You can also sip on some prosecco from Italy. Vacation while sitting here. If one of your friends is a big fan, you can get them a voucher for Monk bar, which they can use on their next visit.
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