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Montero’s New York, Guide & Review

Dating from 1947, this dive is as affably grimy as the sailors who once drank here. The cloudy glass blocks and unreliable neon sign out front may not look alluring, but inside this dive bar, you’ll find a ton of history and an old-fashioned, unfussy, laid-back vibe. Montero’s is the kind of place where you can briefly go back in time to working-class Brooklyn, where people of all backgrounds and walks of life gather for (cheap) cocktails in an amazingly bizarre setting that you could only find in New York. They have areas for a private dining area for a slightly larger party. Plenty of room for large parties. They have their own parking lot area and they offer to curb pick up as well!

With its cloudy glass-brick bar and lurid, on-again-off-again red neon sign, Montero’s looks pretty damn grim. But dare to open the door and you’ll find yourself in a surprisingly inviting, steeped-in-history dive. reasonable beer prices. Montero Dive bar features super nice bartenders, great food, friendly owners and staff, good live music, amazing vibes, great karaoke, great food and service, tasty appetizers, a beautiful interior, and the menu is huge endless choices for vegans, great wine list and mixed drink menu. Montero’s Dive Bar opens on Tuesdays – Thursdays 5 pm – 8 pm, Fridays & Saturdays 5 pm – 9 pm, and on Mondays & Sundays, the spot is closed.

A regular menu, a plant-based menu, and a gluten-free menu.  It is impossible to not find items you love.  Crab dip, vegetable lumpia, ship, and grits were amazing…but they have everything from sandwiches to entrees, salads to soup, and multiple appetizers. Legacy family running the joint ensures you feel at home. Definitely worth the visit! It’s a good place to get brunch. There is a good chance that you will have a memorable conversation at the bar. It’s a great old-school Brooklyn establishment. Something for everyone. Stop by and check it out!

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