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Mowgli, one of the most fantastic bars in Cardiff city center, promises a menu of delectable Indian meals and distinctive drinks. This fantastic place is a must for every occasion, from the Masala Espresso Martini to the Chai Rum Sling. Following a string of successful restaurant openings throughout the country, Mowgli’s Cardiff restaurant is the company’s ninth endeavor. The diner, housed in one of the city’s most engaging retail locations, delivers the same lively Indian street food that has made its sibling places successful. With a focus on comfort cuisine, you’ll discover a great assortment of dishes at Mowgli, including street-style chair and savory tiffin boxes packed with meat, veg, and lots of carbohydrates, as well as Goan fish curry and Bunny Chow – chicken and potato curry, served in a bread loaf. 

The bar also delivers a unique cocktail menu that includes anything from a Chai Rum Sling to a Smoked Cardamom Old Fashioned and even a Masala Espresso Martini. I went with my spouse and two children, ages 12 and 14, for an early supper. I was assigned to a swing table in a lovely setting. Niko, our server, took the time to explain the menu to us and was attentive, knowledgeable, and kind. We bought eight dishes, desserts, beers, cocktails, and soft drinks for the youngsters. The chef freshly baked the gastronomic delights of Naan bread, authentic Onion Bargees, and fresh Sea Bass. Delicious dinner and service. We will return! I’ve been a Mowgli’s customer for the past year. The cuisine is always excellent, and the service is second to none.

I strongly suggest it to anybody searching for good Indian food at a fair price. The service was attentive and asked us frequently if we needed anything and how we liked the dinner. Very student-friendly and active for a Tuesday evening! Fantastic place, the inside décor is just stunning, and I think it’s the best meal I have ever eaten. Beautiful Indian street food feels so authentic and reasonably priced, considering the quality of the food. Sat on a swing under the fairy lights was a perfect evening. 10/10 from me! Mowgli’s is our go-to Indian restaurant in Cardiff, and we believe it is the greatest in the city. The staff is always charming and will go out of their way to provide you with the most satisfactory service possible. I tried many things from the menu, and they were all great. Excellent advice!

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