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Never Never Bar Nashville

Never Never Bar Nashville, Guide & Review

Never Never is a hidden gem of Nashville. It is elegant and straightforward and offers a beautiful socializing experience. With some awesome outdoor music, boutique cocktails, and food that makes you want more, this place should be on your list whether you’re visiting or a local. If you wish to be the one sharing a story or hearing it, just grab a beer, and the staff will listen to you or take you on an adventure through their experiences. It is where you stop, away from all that keeps on running.

You might get a chance to be a part of a concert here at Never Never. Even your dogs can accompany you while you’re here. They’re allowed in the patio area; just keep them on a leash. You have a few cocktail options, beer, tequila, and wine. The prices are excellent. Young professionals can get together here to make interesting conversations. This is a good networking place for those who want to expand. There are no TVs, so you get to talk about everything you have kept with you since the last time you met.

The building is an old welding shop, so you see a lot of metal and steel used all around rather than plastic. It’s a classic that stays authentic no matter what the trends are. You can go here to celebrate when you’re happy or sulk when you’re sad. If you need some courage, go on and sip on it. You will find everyone here after a wedding or a funeral. This is where people are found when they’re lost. Sometimes you’ll find love; other times, you encounter trouble. It depends on what you’re in the mood for, really. 


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