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Nick-A-Nees has free live music, a jukebox & pool table to draw fans to this classic, dog-friendly bar with a patio. Just around the corner from the Providence Children’s Museum is the city’s most famous “dive bar.” Okay, so it’s probably a little too well-known to constitute an actual dive bar, but the fun vibes are still there. Play some pool and listen to Live music while you sip on a craft brew, or maybe just your favorite famous brand—you won’t be judged here. The music scene is perfect for bluegrass fans, especially with bar food and friends. Other additional perks to Nick-A-Nees are a jukebox, which gives a fantastic retro vibe, and with their dog-friendly policy, it’s an inclusive and joyous space. If you’re looking for ‘the dive bar’ in Providence, go no farther than Nick-a-Nees. 

This was what we anticipated, having been recommended by one of the city’s best bartenders. Even before you enter, there is a fantastic ambiance with a relaxed back vibe. Outside, artists are performing, and groups of people are having a lovely time, listening to music, playing with their dogs/pets, and simply chilling how it should be. You are met by a pool table and a live band performing just before you when you go in. There are communal tables where you may listen to music with another stranger who will eventually become your buddy. They had a lot of fascinating stuff on the walls and surrounding structures, but one thing that stood out was the airplanes built out of pretty impressive beer cans. 

They feature a limited, respectable, draught beer collection that includes local and international beers. Because it has a complete bar, they also prepare drinks. They feature a small meal menu that comprises a stuffie, a few sandwiches, and various bar snacks. We got the stuffie to try it out; it wasn’t terrific, but who cares when everything else is ‘amazing.’ If you want to relax with or without your pet while listening to some fantastic live music, go here. Customers at this tavern are a diverse bunch. There are many regulars here. So this is an actual dive bar in Providence’s Jewelry District. It is located on a corner and has no name above the entrance. So, this is one of the best bars Providence has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this dive bar!

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