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Nickel City is a retro hangout with craft cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere featuring a Coney Dog food truck. The former Long Brunch Inn has been transformed into Nickel City, a refreshing and unpretentious cocktail bar with classic cocktails, imaginative twists, coney dogs, sliders, and a backyard food truck offering wings. Both patrons and newcomers praise Nickel City’s Aperol Splits for taps, but one of the “unknown” cocktails like Tiki Drinks, Boilermakers (Beer and Shots), or Dickel Inboxes. Don’t be afraid to try. Wednesday whiskey is especially popular. Nickel City is pretty close if you don’t think there is a perfect bar. Damn, we don’t have a bad time here! 

Everyone here is having a party, and it feels good. The heart of Austin is always crowded with people. The bartender is very friendly, fast, and produces delicious drinks. You will have a great time! Professional Tips: During the vacation, they decorate the entire place for Christmas: Santa Tiki Style. There is a wild-themed cocktail menu! This time is another experience and a lot of fun! This laid-back East Austin neighborhood bar serves well-mixed cocktails and cold beers for both patrons and casual visitors. The atmosphere is clear (includes mood lighting and retro signs), and there is a craft cocktail menu to counteract it. The city of Nickel attracts regular cult followers. 

To blend in, dress casually and chat with your neighbors at the bar. Guests love Nickel City in a friendly dive bar atmosphere without substandard drinks. Nickel City Negronis and Aperol Spritzes are fresh, but the rest of the cocktail menu is divided into well-known, lesser-known, and unknown cocktails. In addition, there is a section dedicated to beer and shot combinations (boilermaker). Believe in our words and order frozen Irish coffee. Popular food trucks offer coney dogs to hungry patrons. Most of the bartenders here have been here for quite some time. If you want to get an order right away, be kind and make friends with the people behind the bar. So, this is one of the best bars Austin has to offer. If you are in town, then definitely give this bar a try.

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