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Nightjar Carnaby is The West End location of London’s famed jazz and cocktail club. Expect stunning, delectable, and inventive drinks and first-rate live music by some of the world’s most gifted performers. Nightjar is already one of the world’s most talked-about bars, so when it builds a second site in Carnaby? Understandably, the crowds erupted. Try the Nightjar in Carnaby for another award-winning drinking experience with unique cocktails that are difficult to rival. Glamor from the past in the heart of the West End. The West End branch of London‘s renowned jazz and drink bar. Expect stunning, delectable, and inventive drinks and first-rate live music from some of the world’s most gifted performers. After more than a decade as one of London’s shining lights, Nightjar has extended its wings and launched a sibling bar in the city. 

Quality drinks, excellent personal service, and a dynamic and diverse live music program will lure customers to Nightjar Carnaby. Descending the steps will uncover an authentic 1920s art deco speakeasy experience under the bustle of Carnaby Street. Booking is strongly advised if you want to enjoy this fantastic ambiance of music and drink bliss. The cocktail club went to great lengths to reproduce the old-fashioned, prohibition-era atmosphere of live music, antique drinks, and somber ’30s decor, thereby inventing the contemporary speakeasy. And in return, the rest of the drinking world showered them with accolades, putting them in the top three of the World’s Fifty Best Bars list for years. The menu is organized chronologically, much like the original. 

Nightjar Signatures, like their trendy quintuple-rum combination, the Barrel Aged Zombie, and their highly innovative version on the London Mule, span from pre-Prohibition to postwar (which blends ginger liqueur with house-made galangal beer and bee pollen syrup). The Pearl, a salted martini served with seafoam in an oyster shell; the absinthe-laced Nightjar Boulevardier, with a white chocolate chess piece at its core; and the pungent Cascara, with vodka, roasted buckwheat infusion, coffee liqueur, and date & balsamic reduction, are some stellar new Carnaby-exclusive additions. Each is unique, theatrically presented, and very tasty. Finally, for good measure, there are a few small dishes, including cheese boards, Jamon serrano toasties, and crisp tiny fennel tortellini pieces. But what if you’re looking for something more substantial to eat? You’ve arrived in Soho. So, Nightjab Carnaby is one of the best bars in London for you. We recommend this spot!

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