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Noc Noc San Francisco, Guide & Review

Noc Noc (Nocturnal Nocturne) was famous for being a strange place for strange people in the 1980s. Since then, it seems like the people have caught up to the music, digging the grooves of industrial sounds and acid jazz that their parents didn’t seem to be hip to. Still notably strange, the walls and ceiling are reminiscent of a velvet painting of a melting star cluster over a neon black sky. Noc Noc is a quirky bar serving beer, wine, & sake in a dimly lit space decked in post-apocalyptic Aboriginal art. Dimly lit with almost like a cavernous interior. Cozy up next to a heat producing, faux, fireplace & relax with a pint of your favorite brew while you ease back and chill to the downtempo grooves. The whole building looks like one huge art project. If there were colonies on Mars, this is what one of its bars might look like. Noc Noc has a weird, friendly atmosphere, and serves wine, sake, and a ton of tasty beers.

Noc Noc features unique decor, great music, great happy hours, friendly & attentive staff, nice friendly & welcoming crowd, mood lighting & artistic elements, offbeat decor – the best interior decor of any SF bar, cozy atmosphere – great for hanging out with friends, dog-friendly, nice sake menu, good craft beer selection, plenty of comfy seatings – lots of intimate seating areas to talk, great DJs, delicious cocktails, great divey vibes, and great excellent service. The paints and lights are the best part of this bar. Great quiet little bar to hang out in, with friendly staff. They really decorated the inside well, with gorgeous fake cave walls and cool patterns.

Great place to hang out with friends in a dark bar. It’s a great spot for a date or girls night out too. Highly recommended for an amazing experience in San Francisco. Very cool electric little place!

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