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Novelty Burger and Bar New Jersey, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great cocktail bar in New Jersey? Novelty Burger and Bar is the place to be. Bar & Grill. Novelty Burger and Bar is a cozy tavern with 1950s -style decor offering speciality burgers, hot dogs, cocktails, beer, and shakes. The restaurant is down the block from the prudent center. 

Novelty Burger and Bar features quick & friendly service; fresh & delicious food; decent prices; clean tables & tables; good beer selection; nostalgic decor; very nice bartender and waitress; great music; and great lighting & sound system. Good place to get a quick meal before an event (concert, etc) at the Prudential Center. Drinks are always on point and it’s super affordable. The freshness of everything ingredient will blow burger lovers away! Burgers are cooked sous vide, then seared griddle. They’re fashioned from a house blend of flat iron, brisket and short rib from American Black Angus beef. All patties are made daily from whole cuts of meat. 

Very convenient if you’re attending the Prudential Arena Center in the business district of Newark. The burgers and fries are great. Highly recommended trying it out! It’s really worth it.

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