NUiT, A Simple Review

Nuit is another app rapidly getting famous. Nuit is also among one of those apps which targets a certain group of people. 

Nuit, is made for people who love astrology and deeply embed it in their daily lives. Every person has a unique birth chart depending on their date of birth, time of birth and star sign. 

It’s a lot of hassle when one has to make their birth chart by themselves but this app takes all that hassle away, all you have to do is provide the app with your date and time of birth and it will make your birth chart for you. 

This chart can help you understand your own personality and behavior along with others. Furthermore, after your chart is made, the app will match you with people who have similar birth charts and behaviors.

This matching is done solely on the basis of your astrological signs and data. The app gives a detailed compatibility insight report when it matches you with someone. 

This app is fairly popular with people who love astrology and just want to make some friends with the same interest. Moreover, the compatibly reports help you understand about certain behaviors of people around you which will increase your understanding of human behavior. 

However, the best thing about the app is that it supports people from the LGBT community, including non-binary gender identity. 

This means that everyone is more than welcome on this app. One of the cons to using this app is the relatively small database which means it takes time for potential matches but that issue will be resolved soon as the app is growing day by day.

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