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Inaugurated in June 2012, Ocean Beach Ibiza (now, O Beach Ibiza) got an immediate fame and successfully filled the gap in San Antonio outdoor party spots by submitting the kind of fizzy and bubbling poolside fun, the western island had been lacking at that time. It is famed for throwing the decadent and stylish pool parties on regular intervals ever since. Resultantly, O Beach Ibiza has become a must-visit venue for anyone requiring to pop open the vodka and champagne, lounge on a VIP sunbed, or just splash around playing and dancing in the pool – whilst taking the mid-afternoon sunbath.

The music has a wide range from dance classics to uplifting house beats, however, some parties have live performers with deeper rhythms. This resort-style spot also owns some most appealing sky-shows, with acrobatic stunts and performances many times throughout the evening. O Beach Ibiza is the venue to experience the day-time pool feasts and celebrations, fine dining, live performances, massages, acrobatics, private events, and fashion shows whilst overlooking the harbor of San Antonio.

The luxurious and posh Sunset Roof Garden extends an amazing chill-out spot for all the patrons who are watching out for something unique and bizarre, with a lofty aerial view across the San Antonio harbor and the Day Club. It offers one of the best venues to watch the sun setting in whole Ibiza.

All the action at O Beach Ibiza is focused around its swimming pool. Irradiated at night, the pool becomes an awe-inspiring persona as an intriguing backdrop for socializing, dinner and cocktails with an ongoing and persistent eye-catching display of afternoon entertainment. So, lie down and recline on the comfy sunbeds while listening to the soulful Balearic beats by our native and international musicians as well as inspiring visual entertainments. Visit O Beach Ibiza at your earliest as all the fun is waiting for you!

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