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O.H.M.S Restaurant Bar Amarillo , Guide & Review

In the historic downtown is OHMS Restaurant, a mix of Santa Fe and the panhandle. One visit and your mind and body are both refreshed. OHMS means ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, which was named by an ex-pat who was the owner. The neon lights that spell the name of the cafe bring you in. You see the bar running along the room’s length as you open the door. There are dark-colored high chairs all around the bar. Bright lights fill up the whole space, along with oversized windows on one side. The place has an entirely different vibe to it at night. It would be an excellent place for a date.
You can have a gourmet dining experience here. The evenings here are hard to beat, so you can grab a glass of wine and sit outside. Their sandwiches are a great pair with these. There are appetizers, salads, and entrees on the menu. You can have elk tenderloin, ribeye, pork chops, and wagyu beef steak from the entrees. So it focuses more on the meat lovers and caters more to them. Remember this place if you’re in the mood for some steak. Each dish has been plated so beautifully and is full of fun colors.
There are many pinball machines on one side, and they have a small arcade for those who want to unwind. The bartenders know their stuff and can guide you the best in terms of what to choose with your meal. You can get a glass of red or white wine, or even a bottle if you fancy it. Other options include mixed drinks with fresh ingredients that will increase the flavors
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