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Ocotillo Phoenix, Guide & Review

Ocotillo restaurant is a casual dining destination located in the corner of Third Street and Flower in midtown Phoenix. The indoor and outdoor design blends native desert flora with modern architecture. 

The Ocotillos inviting indoor area has a full service bar, dining room, and a communal wine events area. Outdoors you will find several unique spaces including the chef’s garden, the mesquite terrace, the beer garden, and Lucy’s lawn. Here you’ll find good value for the price. Ocotillo features a great vibe indoors & outdoors, gorgeous atmosphere, great tasty food, and beautiful patio, and fantastic & delicious cocktails. The restaurant invites you to enjoy some great food, a signature cocktail, friendly staff who are attentive and fast with their service, great chic decor, variety of strong drinks that are reasonably priced, a glass of wine, awesome ambiance, a craft beer, and some live music. Ocotillo is a fun place for an amazing happy hour. The Bourbon and Honey is refreshing on a warm evening.  The place is also perfect for group dining. Weekend brunches Saturday and Sunday fulfills all your sensory expectations. Menu offerings include healthy vegan, gluten free choices  

This a great spot for a date night out and a wonderful brunch spot! It’s an absolute must at night in the valley and a perfect spot for any occasion. If you’re looking to impress, the outdoor seating is highly recommended. Excellent all round! Such an amazing experience you’ll have at Ocotillo bar in Phoenix. 

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