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Odd Otter Brewing Company Local has cider & small-batch beer brewed on-site, served in a quaint bar with live music & karaoke. The finest handcrafted, unique brews are located in downtown Tacoma, WA. This little brewery in downtown Tacoma is one of our favorites! Dogs are welcome inside and outside—great beer variety, especially their IPAs. Food may be brought in, or they have a menu from the restaurant next door that can be sent over. On Tuesdays, there is karaoke! I enjoy discovering dog-friendly establishments: excellent beer and a warm atmosphere. Our dog was even given a water bowl and snacks. I’m looking forward to returning. I immediately fell in love with this bar and restaurant, and then the karaoke began. Pablo is fantastic, and the bartender was immediately charming, although I didn’t get her name. 

I’ll come here whenever I’m in Tacoma, which isn’t often. What began in 2013 on a whim among a group of 5 friends from very different backgrounds – an odd group, one might say – has become not only a fixture in Tacoma’s truly badass beer scene but has also become an integral part of the 253’s gritty, unique, brilliantly welcoming culture. Our Founders include active duty, former military members, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, and they’ve got a couple who are just a little too enthusiastic about cats. And why do they do what they do, you might ask? They love to have fun. They LOVE to have fun. They have fun with themselves, they have fun with their brand, they have fun with their community, and they make some fantastic and fun beer. 

Lest you think their adventurous nature prevents them from making objectively phenomenal beer, they will politely point with their paws at the 3 Washington Brewers’ Association Gold Medals they have won. They will point out that they were among the first to consider allowing otters to serve as their quality testers. And they are absolutely the first brewery in Tacoma to paint itself bright blue. Come check them out. They are fun, and they are sure you’ll have fun too! And remember that they always have a 15% discount for all active duty military spouses, veterans, and first responders who show them an ID. Thank you for what you do – you put your lives and your families on the line just by doing your jobs. They are endlessly grateful to you.

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