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It is a South American cuisine with a self-service beverage bar. Off The Wall Craft Beer & Wine, a welcome addition to the South Shore Market shopping area, caters to the undecided. You may test a variety of beverages before ordering a full-size pour, or you can try them throughout your meal. All beer, wine, cider, and kombucha are manufactured in Hawaii and rotate regularly. The cuisine combines South American tastes with Hawaiian specialties (e.g., breadfruit hummus and Mahi ceviche). Following your order, your waitress will ask you to choose a card from the deck, and if you select the joker, your dinner cost will be waived! 

Off The Wall Craft Beer & Wine, a new and stylish bar in the South Shore Market, includes a wine rack with self-service options and a variety of wine sampling opportunities. It’s where real South American food meets traditional Hawaiian cuisine! Don’t pass on the beer-aged NY strip steak or the Ahi sashimi burger. Killah Dragon, Waimanalo Farmhouse, and Aloha Blonde are among the beers on tap. They have self-serve local craft beers, wines, kombucha, & ciders paired with distinctive South American Fusion cuisine in a comfortable urban setting. They have Fresh Mozzarella/Smoked Gouda/Monterrey/Cheddar,/Breakfast Potatoes. They also provide Waffle Churro, created with mochiko dough and dusted with cinnamon sugar before being topped with dulce de leche whipped cream and caramel sauce. 

This exquisite burger, cooked your way, is nestled atop a bed of creamy guac and nopales, topped with house-produced chorizo, smoked gouda cheese, and a flawlessly cooked sunny side up egg. Their Assorted Cheese Platter includes brie, blue cheese, smoked gouda, herb-crusted goat cheese, prosciutto, genoa salami on French baguette bread, walnuts, olives, grapes, and house-made apricot jam. It is a must-try. Their off-the-wall vegetarian burger is fantastic! Beyond meat patty, brioche bun, lettuce, mustard, avocado, caramelized onions, and tomato, it has a side of our papas and ketchup. Check their site for more information about Off The Wall craft beer and wine. So, this bar is one of Honolulu‘s best bars! If you are in town, we recommend that you visit this venue.

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