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O’Neals Pub Philadelphia, Guide & Review

A real Irish pub in Philadelphia. O’Neals is an Irish pub featuring bar grub and drinks. The drinks and service are both exceptional. Situated in the historic heart of Dublin, just a stone’s throw from Temple bar is O’neals pub. You’ll 

O’Neals Pub also features friendly bartenders, great delicious food, friendly staff who are attentive and fast with their service, fun relaxed atmosphere, killer beer selection, great people, live music, live sports, chic decor, big TVs, free WI-FI, awesome daily specials, craft beer, perfect Irish vibe, and creative cocktails. Watching games and having a good conversation and beer. Perfect. 

O’Neans is a genuine traditional Old Irish pub renowned for its friendly staff and patrons. It looks like a regular pub from the outside, but inside it’s a pleasure to drink in, with its various nooks and crannies, upstairs and down. What a great place in Philly to eat in Philly with outdoor dining. Fun place, stop in and you won’t be disappointed!

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