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Oren is a fine dining restaurant which an equally good bar in Brookside’s premium retail area. It is known for the delicious food it serves, along with the high-quality craft cocktails it serves. Moreover, people flock from all over Tulsa to try something from their diver wine and beer menu, which is always stocked up and has bottles from some of the finest distilleries and breweries in the country and out of the country as well. Oren is a posh place and offers unmatched dining services and bartender’s services as well. The staff is formally trained, so you will have a wonderful time here since they are very accommodating!
Oren offers some of the most delicious American cuisines with hints of different French and European techniques. This allows the chefs to diversity the palette and simultaneously make something similar and unique for the consumers. This kind of menu has landed Oren a lot of praise. Moreover, this place promotes vegetables and fruits, and you will see them incorporate that idea into their menu ever so subtly. Without a good selection of craft cocktails, this place would not have achieved the heights it did, so make sure you try their signature craft cocktails and wines, which are sourced internationally. The beers are some of the finest local produce as well!
The menu over at Oren is very diverse, and you will find different kinds of Whiskeys, Cognacs, Bourbons, Rums, Scotch, Brandy, Gin, and beer. There are over nine specialty cocktails, which we would like your attention to! Some of them include Mint to Bee, Fresh 2 Death, 4 Horrible Musicians, Tickets to Tulum, Mezcal Mirage, and The Pink Print, among others. However, one cocktail we would want you not to skip and try is called Yuzu Island, which is made up of Jamaican Rum, cinnamon, and lime elements!

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