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Original Pinkie Masters Bar Savannah, Guide & Review

Original Pinkie Masters is an old-school, the only money bar that stays the same throughout the years, down to neon PBR symbols, multi-colored strings, and fun decorations. A good example of not judging a book by its cover, diving has a real historical significance: Jimmy Carter once took a stand on the stage above it to make a speech. If the Original Pinkie Masters bar is deemed good enough for the President, it is safe to assume it might be pretty good enough for the average beer drinker.

The Original Pinkie Masters is an outstanding entertainer. Regardless of the moniker, our little haunt remains the same since it was opened in 1951. One of the oldest taverns in the city of Savannah, Pinkie’s continues its existence as a place to get cheap PBRs, listen to great music from the jukebox, and – most importantly – handle really colorful sponsors.

A boxer and lover of all things political, tobacco, and PBR, Pinkie set up a bar as a meeting place. The eclectic décor – a rich history – adds to the palm of our little member. And there is no lack of personality behind the bar as well. Things have changed a bit, there is no more internal smoking, in addition to PBR when you click, and our music has been updated over time. But you can still play a simple game of arrow, pay only cash and engage until you make the final call. If you feel lucky or very inclined.

Pinkie Masters is a piece of Savannah history fabric like anywhere else in the historic region. Ordinary people will give it to you once. Let it be known. Know that you are in the realm of legends. You will still be treated to hospitality to the south, delicious drinks, and warmth that you will never forget. Just make sure you tip your dealer. And tick your hat. We are Pinkie Masters and we are here to stay. Come in all. But bring money. We will reserve a seat at the bar.

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