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Outlaw Cigar And Brewery Kansas City, Guide & Review

What a great spot to catch up with your favorite game in Kansas City. Established by one of Kansas City‘s most notorious miscreants, The outlaw caters to cigar fanatics of all walks of life. From the world’s premier puros to smokes only a mother would love, you’ll find a selection to indulge any palette and bank roll. And with a bottomless stock of humidors, cutters, lighters, pipes, magazines and other swag, it won’t be long before you’re craving the outlaw style yourself. This is one of the coolest, most laid-back social environments in town. The numerous areas to gather throughout the enormous property is really a rarity. Baddest cigar spot in the country with a fantastic brewery. This has to be the biggest bar in KC and certainly the largest cigar bar with the longest bar seating in a cigar bar in the world. The cigar and brew selection is 2nd to none. Service is outstanding and has that Cheers feeling.

Deep in the badlands of Kansas City, at the edge of the edge of the town’s most lawless quarter, you’ll find an assemblage of the meanest, nastiest, most colourful renegades, scofflaws and desperadoes that ever did walk the green earth. And while their tastes for vice are as motley as the tattoos on their hides, they’ll always be in agreement on just one thing: the world’s finest, most prime contraband comes from only one place. 

Outlaw Cigar And Brewery great strong & tasty drinks that are reasonably priced; great selection of cigars; reasonable prices; very clean place; plenty of comfy seatings; and lots of TVs to catch up with your favorite game. This place is definitely an awesome sports bar in Kansas City. High level experience at this cigar & brewery combo.

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