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Packery Bar and Grill is the newest addition to Padre Island! Fantastic scenery, great food, cold drinks! Packery Bar & Grill is in the Texas county of Nueces. South Padre Island Drive is the address, and the street number is 13402. The phone number to contact or inquire about the location is (361) 226-4351. More information is available on their website. Packery Bar and Grill may be found using the coordinates 27.6344469-97.2369904 in navigation software. Come spend the day swinging at Packery Bar and Grill. With a chilled drink, live music, and excellent vibes, enjoy the panorama overlooking the Laguna Madre! This is one of the Island’s newest bars, with a beautiful terrace, swings, and even Chicken Poop Bingo. 

This is a large bar with a great view. The bar is unique with swing seating, and it’s covered but leads out to the dock. There is another seating area above with a great view. There is a food truck that has a good reputation. I had street tacos, and they were delicious. I’m told the burgers are big and tasty. Wonderful new bar! I love the location and swings—excellent service and drinks. I love music. So, last night was fabulous. I hope they expand their food offerings soon. I will be back over and over for sure! I went to this location. Excellent location. The crowd appeared to be a bit college, but it was OK. No beer on tap was available then, which was sad, but the bottles were reasonably priced. The swings at the bar were excellent! I’ll have to look into it again. 

This location was fantastic. The excellent environment is something to die for! They are making changes to the top deck to make it much more enjoyable. The crowd was diverse in age, and it was an enjoyable experience; I will return. They have excellent service and bartenders. It was fantastic. More personnel are required, but progress is being made. There’s a lot of music on this busy Saturday afternoon. The crawfish and shrimp quesadilla was delicious. I enjoy drinking in the ocean, and this area even has swings! Those bartenders are working hard and looking great! So, this is one of the best bars Corpus Christi has to offer you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this spot at least once. Go with your family, friends, or loved ones!

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