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Paper Plane is a chic cocktail bar with an extended bar in a spacious brick setting. Try certainly consider one among their innovative cocktails like The Monkey & ½ banana, the Paradise City, or the Indian Summer made with Old Monk rum, passionfruit, carrot, orange, lemon, pastis, kummel, and Peychaud’s bitters. Paper Plane additionally functions some beers on draft and a small menu of snacks and larger bites. If you’re uncertain which cocktail is proper for you, a bartender will create your nonpublic drink primarily based totally on your preferences. It is a relaxed spot with a long bar in an exposed brick space for creative or classic cocktails & snacks. They are a fast-paced, high-volume, craft cocktail bar located in the heart of Downtown San Jose, CA., since 2013. Therefore, their cocktail menu features cocktails developed by their team and a few selections from our friends from other bars worldwide. Their bottle collection, comprising AN EXTENSIVE VARIETY of liqueurs & spirits, is one of the largest in the Bay Area. It proudly features brands and products they are sure you’ve never heard of (or tried) before. Not to say they carry everything! You won’t find many brands you probably do know, but this is only to get you out of your comfort zone to try something new. Bring your thirst, appetite & curiosity, and treat YOURSELF TO A NIGHT AT the Paper Plane. Remember, proof of vaccination is required if you wish to visit this venue. All the staff present at Paper Plane are fully vaccinated. The staff also wears masks for proper safety. There are vegan options available on the menu at this bar. So, if you’re vegan and thinking of a fun bar to visit, this is the place! This venue accepts credit cards as a payment method.

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