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Paramount social is another famous casino in Houston due to many reasons. This place is laid back but has a good crowd in it. Hence, if it is your first time or a beginner, you will find people a lot more supportive than other places. Moreover, this is also a membership-based casino; hence you can be sure that it will keep out the wrong crowd. Paramount social offers many different games and other activities apart from gambling. Paramount social has a diversity of the games provided. There are live cash games like Hold’em and Omaha all seven days of the week, so you can always go and play regardless of your routine.

Moreover, there are a lot of other board games available like monopoly and clue or risk. There are many pool tables available here, and they are six feet ones, so you know that you will be playing with quality. Moreover, poker events and tournaments are going on all the time. You will notice that poker events are happening all seven days of the week. This means that you will always enjoy playing here. Apart from these games, there is a dedicated foosball table, and we all know how much fun foosball can be. There are some pinball games available that have exciting prizes, like a free membership! This place also brings together avid chess fans for some healthy competition.


Paramount Social Promotions

Many promotions and giveaways are going on in Paramount Social Promotions, which means promotions with prizes going from a couple of thousand dollars to more than a hundred grand. Paramount Social takes care of its players and gives them back using these promotions. The promotions are Mega Stack, Bomb Pot, and The Stack. They are aptly named since the prize money is also a lot.

Paramount Social Promo Codes to know

There are no promo codes to know regarding this casino, but check the website for promotions regularly.

Paramount Social Secret Codes to know

Paramount Social has no secret codes right now; however, you should focus on the many prizes and promotions offered.

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