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Paramour San Antonio, Guide & Review

Paramour is an upscale rooftop bar in San Antonio, Texas. It has stunning panoramic views, a sophisticated ambiance, and great cocktails. It’s located at 102 9th St., Suite 400, on the top floor of the Phipps Building in central San Antonio. Locals and tourists love it. The ambiance at Paramour is nothing short of impressive. The establishment strikes a balance between sophistication and trendiness, providing patrons with both indoor and outdoor seating options. The rooftop patio, adorned with comfortable lounge seating, not only elevates the bar’s chic atmosphere but also offers an ideal vantage point to relish the mesmerizing views of the San Antonio skyline, including downtown landmarks and the iconic Tower of the Americas. 

Paramour’s extensive cocktail menu stands as a testament to its commitment to the art of mixology. With a keen focus on crafting exceptional beverages, the bar serves an enticing array of options, ranging from timeless classics to innovative signature creations. The selection of spirits, wines, and beers further ensures that there’s something to suit every palate. To complement the libations, Paramour also offers a thoughtfully curated menu of appetizers and small plates. These culinary delights are designed to harmonize seamlessly with the bar’s upscale ambiance, providing an excellent option for those seeking both refined cocktails and delectable bites. The entertainment offerings at Paramour add an extra layer of excitement to the experience. 

The bar periodically hosts live music events, DJ nights, and themed parties, fostering a lively and social atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more. Paramour maintains a smart-casual dress code, underscoring the importance of maintaining a neat and presentable appearance in line with its upscale setting. The dress code is not very strict. Avoid flip-flops and tank tops for a classy atmosphere. Make reservations ahead, especially for groups and the rooftop patio. Reservations can often be conveniently made through Paramour’s website. The clientele that Paramour attracts typically leans towards a more mature and upscale crowd, making it a preferred choice for professionals and those in search of a refined and sophisticated atmosphere. 

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