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The Parlor is chic and cozy, with a turquoise mid-century modern sofa, vibrant art, and a bathroom where you want to take a selfie. Enjoy innovative formulations such as Gray Goose Vodka, Blackcurrant, Blueberry Syrup, Gambler & Gallantry with Lemon. We also offer unique snacks such as vegan port bellows, purple cabbage tacos, and lamb jerk pasta. This is Cocktail Den, which gives Prohibition-inspired cocktails and light meals. Drinks are served in an intimate atmosphere. The Parlor will gladly provide that service for your next event. Each event is tailored to your tastes and should offer you and your guests the best possible experience. 

This spot in Atlanta is a cocktail bar. It’s also a good title because the space is incredibly cozy. The unique cocktail menu is delicious with drinks such as Pretty Gin Fizz, Gin Formulation, Elderflower Liqueur, Yuzu Soda, and Butterfly Pea Tea. There is a human cave, followed by a carefully curated bar that functions in the cozy nature of a well-stocked basement. The Parlor is the very latter. According to Instagram, Parlor, a pre-Prohibition-style cocktail bar, is now open Wednesday to Saturday nights at Castleberry Hill. The Parlor is modeled after a room in most 19th-century homes, where people get together after dinner and chat over a digestif. 

Parlor is the latest venture of Alphonzo Cross, the owner of brand development company Quintessential. He has formed a consulting team of experienced food and beverage experts to develop a menu that suits the sophisticated 30-seat Cocktail Den. If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy a bite after dinner, check out Parlor, the den of craft cocktails hidden behind the pink doors of Castleberry Hill. Alphonzo Cross, the bar owner, explains that the idea came from the need for a middle ground where people can interact without the rush of a restaurant or the fast pace of a club while enjoying fine food and drink. They do play a music playlist here! House music is a  playlist carefully selected by owners, managers, and staff. Usually, it consists of soft jazz and R & B. There are also live music / DJ nights, which you can also find out on social media.

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