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ParlorSports operates Mon – Fri 6 pm to 1 am, Saturday 12 pm to 1 am, and Sunday 11 am to 1 am. This lilliputian sports bar, from the folks behind the adjacent Trina’s Starlite Lounge, is a dream for those who appreciate a good whisky as much as a good pass rush. The magnificent

beer menu includes many a local craft brew, and classic cocktails are prepped in style. As the bar shares a kitchen with Trina’s, expect the same exquisitely prepared guilty pleasures: griddled dogs, sweet and sour pork nachos, and pickle-brined fried chicken strips. 

The parlor opens early on weekends and otherwise at 6 pm, but if there’s a big morning match brewing, you can be assured they’ll open up even earlier. Parlor Sports serves upscale food, craft beer, and even cocktails that are reasonably priced. The staff is sports-funs too. A drop-down boxing mic falls from the ceiling if a bartender wants to make an announcement, and an antique boxing bell often gets rung if something epic goes down. 

Even on the off nights, Parlor finds ways to intrigue its customers with other games of chance, like their legendary, spirited, and irreverent viewings of The Bachelor. The parlor has all you need in a good sports bar along with a refined, tight-knit, friendly atmosphere that is perfect for watching whatever game it is you’re looking for. When it comes to staples of a good sports bar (TVs, beer, food) Parlor excels. There are plenty of TVs located around the bar and nary a bad seat in the house. A huge plus is that the bartenders actually appear to be sports fans and are incredibly responsive to requests for specific games. The menu is typical bar food during the week with a brunch menu on Sunday. I went with a burger when I decided to dine there and was not disappointed. When it comes to the beer selection, they have everything from the latest craft beer to High Life. What an awesome place to kick back, catch a game, and chill.

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