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Parlour Bar Minneapolis, Guide & Review

With the soul of a dive bar and high-quality drinks, Parlour bar welcomes you to its space. It’s divided into three distinct spaces. One space opens up to the waiting area; the other is a very sexy-looking bar space, and the third area opens up to an old-school diner-style space with a stool for you to sit at. The space is cozy and intimate, with large windows to let the light through. The tables are small, but the bar also has seating available.  

This place is a hit amongst the locals with its fantastic food, especially the burger that is such a big hit amongst all the people here. With a side of fries, you will savor each bite you take. Or, if you’re in the mood to experiment with your taste buds, try out their curry with scrambled eggs and avocado. Who would’ve guessed that this would make a good combo? 

To pair with these, order some cocktails with a fantastic mix of old-fashioned and modern drinks that are familiar yet keep you on your toes, like the Old Fashioned with a kick of raspberry juice. They have the perfect balance of solid and fruity flavors. Other cocktails include ‘Cloud Rider,’ ‘Coffin Nail,’ ‘The Last Barman Poet,’ and ‘Co-Pilot’. Co-Pilot includes a mix of gin, aperitif, maraschino, grapefruit, lime, sugar, coconut tincture, and chartreuse. Other options include beer and wine options. Each drink is presented beautifully in short, tall glasses on ice or neat. Stare at it for a while, and then let your palette enjoy each sip.   


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