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Pastrami Málaga, Guide & Review

Looking for a place to treat yourself with a stout that is alive with flavor, visit Pastrami for the best of your time.The Pastrami Club in the heart of Malaga‘s nightlife area, a few steps from the popular Plaza de La Merced. The space is inspired by speakeasies that were prevalent in 1920s New York.

Perhaps the keyword to define Pastrami Club is ‘surprise’. Surprise from the outside, through the pastrami sandwich bar, surprise with access to the club through,  where everything is upside down, surprise to find the lounge and its unique play of lights or its exclusive bar Surprise yourself when you go beyond the red curtain and enjoy the exclusive pink room, or when you enter through the VIP access and think that you have entered hell. In short, surprise with a different speech. 

This implied numerous creative challenges both in lighting and coatings. From accessing the club through the bathroom of the sandwich bar, finding the lounge full of light games and its exclusive marble counter; It is surprising to cross the red curtain and appear in the exclusive pink room. A  custom made coffered ceiling hiding lamps that can move rhythmically or remain fixed. A roof of square boxes that curves until it merges with the back of the bar, in which each case is a lamp that changes color and intensity. The selection of vertical coverings, which are opted for economical, versatile and resistant materials to which all their aesthetic potential has been removed: mirrors, vinyl coverings, hpl panels, metal curtains, stone or fabric.An amazing venue for your enjoyment.

Pay a visit at pastrami club and experience an amazing place where there is lighting of the entire premises around you.

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