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Peacekeeper San Francisco, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a place in San Francisco to order a side of chips and salsa to complement your glass of cocktail, beer or wine, then the Peacekeeper cocktail bar is the place for you to go. Peacekeeper, situated on Bush Street in the heart of San Francisco, is the go-to bar for many in the neighborhood. The retractable glass ceiling here lets in plenty of sunlight and fresh air making this place ideal to grab a drink and unwind on a balmy day. Located in Lower Nob Hill, the bar has a design trifecta of gray concrete, blonde wood, and dangling plants, which blend in perfectly with the natural light that floods the space. 

Tequila-focused cocktails anchor the ever-evolving menu. Peacekeeper is great with tequila, ginger, pineapple, and lime that’s sweet and a little bit spicy at the end. Cocktails like the Jetset, Big E-Z, Green Goddess and Raymundo on the menu here are all prepared by their talented mixologists. Flavor profiles are consistently bright, fresh, and balanced, thanks to ingredients like shrubs, berries, and spices. Cases in point: The Goddaughter, with tequila, berry shrub, citrus, and egg white, as well as the desert queen, with bourbon, grapefruit, shrub, ancho, and lemon. This place is worth ordering something to eat. Peacekeeper bar also features great strong & tasty drinks, nice bartenders, great ambiance, great professional & attentive service, stunning open air setting, awesome pool tables at the back, delicious handcrafted cocktails, super cool atmosphere, decent prices, and great energy inside. 

Itsan ideal bar to linger for daytime drinks. The airy space, bi-level seating and refreshing cocktails might seem best for warm afternoons, but a fireplace makes Peacekeeper surprisingly cozy on foggy San Francisco days, too. At the Peacekeeper cocktail bar they know just how to prepare the perfect cocktails which are concoctions of different spirits and refreshing ingredients.  Come visit here and enjoy the amazing experience the place has to offer. The Peacekeeper bar is highly recommended to anyone in the area. This is one of the nicest bars in San Francisco hands down.

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