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Pearl Diver Bar Nashville, Guide & Review

Pearl Driver is a place that will make you question if you’re in East Nashville or on an island vacation. Imagine dipping your feet in a pool; that’s the feeling you get minus the pool part. The place evokes a wanderlust in you to feel the sea breeze and walk on the beach. The decor also is according to the theme, with blue-green and brass accents peeking out from nautical themes, mermaids calling to you from shelves, and palm fronds on the wallpaper that guides you from the lounge to the bar to the back patio. 

This is a lounge that shares a story. With the creativity of four people coming together, the place creates an exotic experience. There are classics and Hemingway-inspired drinks available as well. You get margaritas and pina coladas along with mai tai and paloma. There’s a good balance of old-style and contemporary options. The food menu is also inspired by Caribbean and Polynesian cuisines, and veggie lo mein and tacos are a must-try. With all the fresh local ingredients coming together in one dish, you take a bite and go, wow. 

Lanterns hanging on the roof create a play of light and shadows that entrance you. Everything is designed so aesthetically that you are in awe of everything surrounding you. An old-style photo booth calls for a quick photo session with your friends. Wooden finishings with god and teal accents compliment the mood of the space. You might even spend a few extra minutes in the washroom admiring it. It’s hard to resist taking a picture of everything you see around you. You can reserve cabanas or the captain’s room on their website if you have a party of 4 or more people coming in.


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