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Pecs Bar San Diego, Guide & Review

Pecs Bar is a gay bar in San Diego’s North Park. Pecs Bar serves great drinks at reasonable prices and has an outdoor patio. Pecs Bar is also North Park’s Premier neighborhood bar and a relaxed gay bar. A true neighborhood dive bar that welcomes everyone to enjoy the relaxed vibe and diverse scene. 

The bar is also equipped with a pool table, darts, digital jukebox, and free WiFi access. Pecs Bar features amazing happy hour, pool tables, a back patio, best bartenders who’re friendly and attentive, good music, excellent service, good vibe, good music, jukebox, pool tables, good down to earth people, good beer, reasonable prices, and nice outdoor area. 

What a super gay divebar (actually nice) with fun clientele. Overall, it’s a good bar to try out. Definitely a great bar in San Diego to hang out with friends. This is the best place to go for gay men who love a strong ass drink. Great place to be social and mingle. Highly recommended!

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