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Pedal Haus Brewery Phoenix, Guide & Review

If you are searching for fun and bustling through Roosevelt Row in Phoenix then Pedal Haus Brewery is the place for you to go. located on Roosevelt Street at the northwest corner of 3rd Street. It might be hard to spot at first glance from the street because it’s actually tucked along a wide alley, but the view of it will leave you astonished.

As downtown Phoenix and the Roosevelt Row district continue to develop, so does the entertainment and restaurant scene. Pedal Haus is developing too, as the management of the place has established  a rare commodity downtown: a rooftop lounge. Having that kind of outside upstairs space, it will give you a little bit of privacy, a little bit of a different perspective on the city. You will be excited to see what it looks like in the summer as a little reprieve for people to get outside even when it’s warm.

Apart from this charming rooftop patio, you’ll find backyard-themed turf grass, wood fencing, barrels, and industrial wood-style tables. The tables and upscale bar are all covered by fields of misters for those hot summer days, keeping guests cool and refreshed. Speaking of refreshed, the rooftop patio’s bar has over 12 beers on tap, featuring many of the brewery’s local favorites.  The atmosphere at this place has become popular with the younger crowd who have been migrating more into the downtown area and everyone visiting the area.

For the rooftop experience, how’s about a stellar and well-rounded food menu? From alluring appetizers, enticing entries, pub burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas, the Pedal Haus food menu has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the amazing fun times at Pedal Haus and make a visit.

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