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Penny Lane Pub is an English pub that has borrowed the Liverpool Football Club’s tagline, “You’ll never walk alone.” The basement pub atmosphere is laid-back and ideal for sampling classic British food like fish and chips, steak, and Guinness pie. If you need a more vibrant atmosphere and want to play billiards or darts, head to the upper bar. The Penny Lane Pub is another excellent Richmond establishment. It’s a Liverpool-themed tavern where you can sample elegant British fares like buttie rolls, fish ‘n’ chips, sirloin, and Guinness pie. It’s also a fantastic spot to sample some excellent brews. It’s a great place with some classy decor, a bunch of Union Jacks, and a relaxing atmosphere. The Penny Lane Bar is another pub to add to our list. 

It is an English-themed pub, or more precisely a Liverpool-themed pub, that serves British staples like buttie rolls, fish ‘n’ chips, and steak and Guinness pie to go with its beer selection. It has a typical, friendly pub atmosphere decked up with Union Jacks. Finally, no beer scene is complete without at least one good bar. This spot-on English pub is located in downtown Richmond, and it seems like an island of refinement and comfort in a neighborhood devoid of fantastic bars. This restaurant, founded by a Liverpool native and in business since 1979, is an absolute fixture, and not even the epidemic could derail it. Inside, there’s an excessive amount of British memorabilia covering every available surface. There is a menu that serves spot-on versions of all the genre’s anticipated mainstays. 

From fish ‘n’ chips and chicken curry to cottage pie, Cornish pasties, and bangers and mash. Meanwhile, the beer list pays homage to an era of the American beer bar that has long since passed, featuring Old Speckled Hen on nitro and Fuller’s famous British pale ale/porter. There are Scottish ales and Guinness (of course), a few European imports, and a few American craft selections to round things out. If you are not in the mood to drink beer, there’s enough cider and scotch whiskey to satisfy your thirst. Genuine locations like Penny Lane are becoming increasingly rare with each passing year. Therefore we owe it to ourselves to preserve everything we can. So, Penny Lane Pub is one of the best bars Richmond offers. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this spot at least once with your friends or loved ones!

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