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When you first step inside The Pennyroyal, you may expect a glitzy atmosphere. The pub is ideal for a date night or a relaxing evening with friends, with darkly lit candles and an intimate ambiance. Try one of their beautifully made cocktails, each with its unique name and significance. Ring the bell and enter if you see a bright “Spirits and Remedies” sign in the window. The beautifully selected bar dominates your eyeliner and offers well over 300 bottles, all while being soundtracked with achingly cool hip hop, dim lighting, and flickering candles. The educated crew will walk you into the back bar by ladder, skilfully mixing into creative cocktails or serving straight through elegant sampling glasses. But don’t be fooled by the high quality of the cocktails. 

This is still a neighborhood joint that serves your drinks with comfortable table-side flair. Pennyroyal is paving the way in Cardiff‘s burgeoning artisan cocktail sector, earning national acclaim. We stumbled onto Pennyroyal by coincidence and are glad we did! We had arranged a double date night with friends and completely overlooked that it was also a match day, and the town was packed. We skipped the regular Mill Lane bars and went a little higher up to avoid the crowds. Pennyroyal’s table service was excellent! We noted they kindly handled groups, discouraging those on all-day playing sessions – no friction or unpleasantness, incredibly well done! The beverages were fantastic. Not inexpensive, but well-crafted drinks worth every cent, as opposed to the watered-down pre-mix alternatives at the larger chains. The service was swift and responsive; I had no complaints.

Staff that understood their beverages and looked to enjoy their jobs. My pregnant buddy and I received some excellent non-alcoholic alternatives created by the fantastic bar staff, and my husband chose his old favorite from the menu. I will be back and look forward to the day when I can drink alcohol! The cocktail menu was pretty interesting, and the staff was ready to go off the menu as well. Our drinks were so incredible that we stayed for a long time sampling other ones. It was a fantastic experience! We each ordered one cocktail from the menu, and the staff then prepared various cocktails based on our favorite flavors, which were all wonderful! Every staff member was attentive and pleasant, ensuring we had a wonderful time! If you like cocktails, I recommend visiting Pennyroyal; we’ll be back! 

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